By D'Galleria Pte Ltd


All Sofa Beds

By day, its serves as a settee in your cozy little living room.  By night, it folds out and voila! – it’s the perfect sleeper for your leisure needs.  Whether you're trying to carve a bed chamber out of a studio or set up a guest room for the in-law/s, we have the perfect smart space saving solutions for you.  Our uniquely designed multi-functional sofa beds add contemporary elegance to your nest with maximum comfort in mind.  Most of our futons feature the 'Click Clack' ratchet mechanism, so you can effortlessly change the recline position in seconds.  Need one that takes on the cocoon-like plushness? No problem - we have those that unfold to double beds too. Remember - not all sleepers break your back ... or your bank; ours don’t!