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Fabric Sofas Maintenance

Caring for your Fabric Sofa


With a tough day at work comes the anticipation to crash into your cozy couch while watching a nice movie and munching on midnight snacks. As perfect as that thought may be, did you know that it can cause a lot of harm to your fabric sofa? Do you know that a small stain can go right through your couch and lead to deeper staining within and thus ruining the life span of your comfy fabric sofa? Here’s a few tips on how to make your sofa look as new as ever and to maximise its life span.

  • #1

Before you get to the job, get a clean, dry White hand towel or washcloth to wipe the sofa. Why white? You don’t want to use a coloured washcloth and have its colour sticking onto your sofa do you? At this juncture the cloth must be dry as if there are any residues of stains or spills, the dry cloth would aid in removing the dry remains. For better results you can use a stiff brush to get the best of the dry bits stuck to your fabric sofas.

  • #2

Baking soda shall no more be of use only to recipes made in kitchens. It’s going to be one of the main ingredients in your cleaning concoction. When you know it that you’re ready to get your hands dirty to clean the most of your fabric sofa, cover the fabric with baking soda. This is helpful because baking soda works on removing unwanted scents that are stuck on your fabric. Not only that baking soda will also break apart the micro size dirt stuck on the fabric. Let the baking soda to remain on the fabric for about twenty minutes, after which you should clear it with the use of a vacuum. Remember to use the brush attachment to avoid baking soda remains.

  • #3

Stains shall never be a fear from today onwards. Mix together an easy cleaning solution, and wipe a small portion on your fabric sofa to see if the stain is coming off. When you see there’s no discolouration, Dip the washcloth in the cleaning solution, and gently dab and rub stains. These are the few simple tips to clean and care for your fabric sofas. And Voila good as new!