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Are you a couch potato? Do you fall asleep on your sofa more often than you do on your regular bed? Then yes, More Than Just a Sofa is the place for you. The mandatory mechanism of a sofa bed is such that below the seating cushions lays a metal frame and a mattress that can be opened out to make a bed. Not to mention that our sofa beds also come with a 'Click Clack' ratchet mechanism, so you can effortlessly change the recline position in seconds. Brilliant isn’t it?


Just like how people come in different shapes, sizes and colours, here at More Than Just a Sofa, sofa beds of various colours, and sizes are available to suit your preference. Sizes of our sleepers vary from one seater, two seaters and three seaters. No matter what the size may be, the comfort is undeniably superb. This is because our sofa beds cushions’ come in foam and fibre. The foam acts as an infinite number of springs providing the absolute comfort you would need after a lethargic day at work. Let's take a look at the various mechanisms shall we


Meet our Click Clac sofa beds.
Perhaps the easiest to use, the click clac sofa beds are separated into two portions with backs that fold down easily. This type is most ideal for houses with small children and frequent sleep-over guests.

Here are a few examples of the Click Clac sofa beds -



So you've seen our Click Clac sofa beds and now it's time to meet the Fold-Out sofa beds. As the name suggests, Fold-Out sofa beds have rather straight forward mechanism - they fold out from a sofa into a bed. And due to the folding design, Fold-Out sofa beds often feature softer mattresses.

Check out our Fold-Out sofa bed designs here -


As compared to Click Clac or Fold-out sofa beds, the Pull Out sofa bed is available in the widest variety and also the highest choice for comfort. A Pull Out sofa bed looks like a regular sofa but houses a bed frame underneath the removeable cushions. A little more difficult to operate then a Click Clac or a Fold-out but when it comes to comfort, Pull Out sofa beds are at the top of the list!