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Leather Sofas Maintenance

Caring for your Leather Sofa


Leather Sofas are definitely a worthwhile investment as a homeowner as we all know that leather sofas are built to last. Just by following a few simple and regular steps owners would be able to enjoy their investment longer than its lifespan. Hence by caring regularly for your leather sofa, you will only realize the beauty of your sofa increasing by the year. Though leather sofas are known best for their durability when disregarded they may be liable for tears which are painful not only for one sight but your wallet as well. Let’s take a look at the dos and don’ts when it comes to caring and preserving your leather sofa shall we.


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It is indeed much more difficult for leather to stain when compared to fabric sofas. Nonetheless spills and stains should be taken care of as an when it occurs to prevent discoloration of your beautiful leather asset. Immediate removal of excess spills should be cleaned up with the use of a soft and dry cloth. This way even before it becomes a stain, the spills are removed. For more stubborn stains a wet cloth can be used to blot on the spill. However if it is a greasy or oily stain, water will only make it worse, which is where the need for a mild water – based leather cleaner gets into the picture. But remember to test a small portion of your sofa first, to avoid a bigger mess!

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To ensure that your leather furniture looks prim and proper it’s highly important that consistently dust and vacuum them. Have a hard to reach spot in your leather furniture? Use a large sized furniture duster. This will make your efforts in cleaning a whole lot easier and faster. Dusting and vacuuming will keep your furniture looking bright and prevent dust from creeping into the wrinkles in your leather sofa.

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Nourishing and Conditioning your leather furniture is another do all owners should bear in mind. Using suitable cleaning products and even saddle soap to wipe down your leather furniture removes built up dust and dirt helps add the shine to your leather furniture. If you don’t have any special conditioning products, just go up to your kitchen and grab a bottle of olive oil. Just a dab of olive will work just as good as any other product to condition and nourish your leather furniture.