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Leather Sofas Vs Fabric Sofas

Leather Sofa Vs Fabric Sofas

The age old question always pops into all of our minds when we need a new sofa for the house, “FABRIC OR LEATHER?” As contemplating as it may seem and to save the multiple trips to consult and discuss with your family or loved ones regarding which is the most apt sofa for your residence, let us take you on a simple comparison journey. Just like how there are two sides to a coin, there are pros and cons to both types of Sofa. The most general difference that exists between these two types would definitely be the price. Leather is slightly pricier than Fabric Sofas. Why? This is because of the low key maintenance and high key durability its designed for. Other than the price there are other differences as well, let’s take a look shall we!

  • Variety

Fabric Sofas have the win this category hands down. The variety is always endless. Don’t get me started about colours; they come in all shades and hues that you can’t even imagine. Prints? Yes Fabric Sofas come in various prints as well, Floral, Leaves, Checks, Spiral, these are just a few to mention. Who said Fabric Sofas don’t have variety in texture? Over time now Fabric sofas are able to provide you the type of texture that you prefer. They can be smooth, rough, soft or firm. Leather Sofas don’t have much of a variety in textures or prints even colours can be very minimal at times.

  • Maintenance

Leather sofas are manufactured to last; you can’t ever put a time frame on that. This is why durability is the biggest advantage that Leather sofas have. Protected Leather have even lesser maintenance. They are scratch, fade and spill proof. It’s something people who always have something going on in their residential area look for. However Fabric sofas require to be taken care of very cautiously at all times, and this too is to make sure that it doesn’t wear off before how long it actually can last.

Dust mites feeding on fabric sofas is a norm that leads to the demise of this beauty. And if you’re messy eater, stains are almost inevitable when it comes to fabric sofas. But fret not; there are multiple solutions that allow the stains to be removed off of the sofas with much ease. It’s never a bad idea to choose fabric sofas, but they just require you to go an extra mile for its care.